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Introduction to the NFHS Network -MA


School Broadcast Program

Who We Are

The NFHS Network School Broadcast Program provides your school with the software and tools you need to

produce and broadcast professional grade events over the Internet. Broadcast live coverage of your school sports,

graduations, school news shows, guest speakers, interviews and award ceremonies.


The NFHS Network is a joint venture among the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS),

its member state associations and PlayOn! Sports.


3500 Active Schools
Across the Nation - in all 50 stateS


working with us


3.5M to schools


100,000+ events
in the 2018-19 school year


27 different sports
at all levels

Manual Production

We give you the software and tools you need to produce and broadcast professional grade events over the internet.


Your School Gets:
  • Real-world broadcast experience for students
  • Community engagement
  • Revenue Generated for your school
  • Full-scale support to help you get started


The NFHS Network School Broadcast Program:
  • Partnered with 56 State Associations and Sections
  • Over 3,500 schools on the program
  • Over $3.5 million paid out to SBP schools

What If You Don't Have A Broadcast Club

The #1 impediment to Schools taking part is the issue of manpower – many schools have no one to run the program.
Even when schools do have an established broadcast program with plenty of participating students,
there are simply too many events – they can’t cover them all.
We now have a solution for both…


Automated Sport Production

Automated Production

  • Algorithm available for the following sports
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Baseball
    • Lacrosse
    • Hockey
    • Field Hockey
    • Softball 


  • All other sports may be covered using a fixed frame that covers full playing area

Automated Production

  • Auto-tracking feature enables cameras to follow the action


  • No camera operator required


  • Scorebug graphic with real-time data pulled from scoreboard


  • Integrates with coaching software

High School Support Plan

The High School Support Plan was based on feedback from schools on what the NFHS Network can do to help them deal with the impact of COVID-19 this upcoming school year. It has three components


1) PIXELLOT FREE-FOR-ALL: Two  Pixellot systems at no cost if your school does not already have them in your main basketball gym and football stadium **plus cost of installation 


2) Enhanced Revenue Share: Given the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, all schools will receive a revenue share on all subscriptions  sold


3) Viewer Donations: Functionality allowing viewers to make donations directly to schools through the NFHS Network

Hardware Overview

Pixellot is a system designed for automated event production No people required!





Video Equipment

Camera head with weatherproof HD cameras.


Video Processing Computer for creating the automated production








Scoring Devices

Automatically integrate score data into your broadcast

with one of these devices:


OCR Camera - Used for indoor venues to mount

and point at scoreboard


Sportzcast - Used for outdoor venues to plug into scoreboard



Pixellot Game Film Upload

Coaches receive automated email after each game with link to download game film* – game film can then be easily and quickly uploaded into coaching software


*Football game film is already split into individual clips for easier breakdown in coaching software

New Coaching Tools

Coaching App:

Use Pixellot to film practices – schedule right from your phone


Customize the filming:

  • Select duration – just film the parts of practice that you want
  • Select from fixed camera views (e.g. Goal Left, Left, Center, etc.) or use auto-production mode to track the action


"Condensed" Games

For on-demand viewing


Automatic Game Data Collection
  • Data (e.g. down/distance, quarter, etc.) automatically tracked for each play and put into spreadsheet for easy upload to coaching software
  • Football only

Ad Spots

  • Up to 3 spots for advertising (2 sponsor spots and 1 spot for your school logo or extra ad)


  • School keeps 100% of revenue from advertisements 


  • Change graphics out every athletic season


  • Sell sponsor spots to help pay for your Pixellot unit(s)


  • Sponsor receives ad space in every game

A New Choice in Coaching Tools

Introducing VidSwap Powered by Pixellot


  • Unlimited Storage
  • 6-8 Hour Game Breakdown
  • All Sports

Added benefit for 2020-2021

Given the extraordinary circumstance, we're offering a special program for the 2020-21 school year.


Under your contract, your school would not earn subscription revenue until year 4. However, with this special program your school will earn subscription revenue on every pass you sell.


As an added bonus, the more annual passes you sell online, the more money your school keeps from each purchase. 



# Of Annual Passes Your School

Sells Online

Revenue Your School Keeps

(per pass)



100-399 $35
400+ $45


*Once school crosses each threshold, revenue share applies to all passes sold 




99 sold -  School gets: 99 x $20

100 sold -  School gets: 100 x $35

399 sold -  School gets: 399 x $35

400 sold -  School gets: 400 x $45


Special Pricing




School just pays cost of installation 


Thank You!

Matt Abramson